Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. The number of identity theft incidents has reached 9.9 million a year. Securityplus now offers ID Protect Plus to protect you against identity theft.

To reduce your risk of becoming a victim, Securityplus now offers ID Protect Plus, a new service available to our members to protect against identity theft. For just $6.99/month you will receive all the following features:

Certified Fraud Specialist and 24/7 Member Support

Internet Monitoring*

Continuous access to an online dashboard

"CyberScan” searches: an ongoing customized search of hundreds of thousands of identity elements available on the Internet’s black market to determine if any of the Protected Identity Elements are identified as compromised data.

Identity Theft Protection Tips (Preventive Measures): best-in-industry tips to protect individuals and businesses against the many forms of identity theft, as well as links to complementary theft prevention and education resources.

Identity Theft Risk Notification Services: provide timely email notifications of discovered activities and data suggesting that an identity theft event may have occurred.

Credit Bureau Monitoring*

Continuous access to an online dashboard

Credit Report Monitoring: provides alerts for any activity in the TransUnion® credit file that relate to member’s Identity.

Identity Theft Protection Tips (Preventive Measures)

Identity Theft Risk Notification Services

Personalized Online Dashboard

Secure Online Wallet & Vault

24/7 access to password protected, encrypted secure information areas containing essential checking account and personal information you want to manage and protect: identification, contact info, credit cards, bank accounts; helps to eliminate paper trail and reduces risk of fraud and identity theft.

Digital organization and storage of important documents and information

Top level data security to prevent unauthorized access to stored files

24/7 Customer access to stored items

Monthly Activity Report & News

Preventative Measures and Education

*Not included in ID Restoration Service