Do more
with your
home equity.

Borrow up to 100% LTV!
Enjoy a 5.99% fixed APR* for 18 Months on your HELOC!
  • Competitive Introductory Rate: Enjoy a fixed 5.99% APR* for the first 18 months regardless of credit score! Variable rate thereafter as low as 8.50% APR* tied to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate.
  • Flexible: Use your Home Equity Line of Credit for anything such as home remodeling, vacations, unexpected expenses, or debt consolidation.
  • Borrow up to 100% LTV, with $10,000 minimum amount.
Use the power of home equity whenever and wherever you need it.
Home Equity Line of Credit RatesEffective Jan 12, 2024
LTV Term APR* as low as Introductory Offer
Up to 80% Up to 15 yr 8.50% Fixed 18-month 5.99% APR*
81% to 90% Up to 15 yr 9.50% Fixed 18-month 5.99% APR*
91% to 100% Up to 15 yr 11.50% Fixed 18-month 5.99% APR*
LTV=Loan-to-Value ratio *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Subject to creditworthiness. Introductory rate will be fixed for the first 18 months. The standard, post-introductory APR will be a variable rate tied to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, which may adjust monthly. The prime rate as of July 27, 2023 is 8.50%. The rate floor for all home equity lines of credit is 8.50% APR. Minimum loan amount is $10,000.
Closing costs paid on HELOCs when an advance or balance transfer of $10,000 or more is taken at settlement. If the loan is paid off or the account is closed within 90 days, closing costs must be paid back to Securityplus FCU.