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No matter how much you plan, things still have the ability to go wrong. During times of unexpected hardship, Securityplus is willing to help.

What Resources You Have

Loss of employment can have one of the biggest effects on your family's budget. Learn about the resources available to you during these difficult times.

Federal Unemployment BenefitsOpens in New Window - If you become unemployed by no fault of your own and you meet eligibility requirements outlined by state law, you may qualify to receive unemployment benefits.

Healthcare While UnemployedOpens in New Window - Stay insured in the event that you or a loved one falls ill while you're not receiving job-based healthcare.

Tips for Coping with Unemployment

  1. Eliminate Unnecessary Spending. Cancel entertainment and club subscriptions for the time being, cook at home instead of eating out, cut your own hair instead of going to the salon; spend money on only what's absolutely necessary.
  2. Develop a New Budget. After you've identified your essential expenses, account for any unemployment benefits, supplemental income, and savings you have to rework your budget.
  3. Maintain Your Credit. Lots of employers conduct credit screenings during the interview process. Even if you're only able to pay the minimum on your loans and credit cards, keep your accounts current. Check your credit score, get tips on improving or maintaining your credit score and free credit monitoring and more by using SavvyMoney on our digital banking platform.
  4. Be Active in Your Search. Treat finding a job like your job while you're unemployed. Be proactive and make finding a job your number one priority.
  5. Learn New Skills. Make yourself more appealing to potential employers by continuing your education. Attend seminars, read new books, or take a course at your local community college.


Knowing Your Options

Maybe you didn't make the best decisions in the past, or you fell victim to some difficult circumstances. Either way, find out more about the products we designed specifically for those in a tough spot.

Revive Checking Account - Reestablish a checking account and get back on track with your finances. If you've had trouble opening and maintaining a checking account in the past, this account is designed for you.

Share Secured Visa - Pledge the funds in your Share Savings account as collateral for this Visa and take comfort in knowing you're not spending more than you have.

Quick Cash Loan - This unique loan lets you borrow up to $1000 with NO CREDIT CHECK!

Depending on your unique situation, a "one size fits all” solution may not be what’s best for you. We encourage you to first reach out to our partners at GreenPath Opens in New Windowfor financial counseling and advising.

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Becoming a member of our Credit Union is easy! It only takes a few minutes to apply and make the $5.00 minimum deposit to open your Share Savings account. Benefit from lower lending rates, higher dividend rates, fewer or lower fees, and more!


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