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Your membership could qualify you for one of twelve (12) $1,000 scholarships!

The CU Foundation Announces $12,000 Credit Union Scholarship Program for 2018

Could you use help with college or trade school tuition? Since you’re a member of Securityplus, you’re eligible for one of twelve (12) $1,000 scholarships!

The $12,000 Credit Union College Scholarship Program is underway now! Eligible credit union members may apply for one of ten $1,000 essay-based scholarships, one $1,000 video-based scholarship, and/or one $1,000 photo-based scholarship. And yes, eligible members may apply in all three categories!

Deadline for applications is March 31, 2018. Awards will be announced in May 2018.

This year’s essay topic is:
Describe the value found in credit union membership.

This year’s video topic is:
Create a 60-second credit union ad to attract younger members (16-24).

This year’s photo theme is the credit union core value, "Community".
Judges will be looking for a photo submission that is good enough to be used for lobby posters. So put some thought into your photo. It will take as much effort as those who submit essays and videos!

Your photo doesn’t have to be directly related to the financial services industry, but it does need to capture the year’s assigned theme.

Applications are accepted online at

PLEASE NOTE: Parental membership does not qualify applicant. All applicants must themselves be a member of a participating credit union.

Securityplus, the Credit Union Foundation MD|DC, and its generous supporters make this scholarship program possible.
Life Happens

— No matter what stage of life you’re in, we can help make the ride a little smoother. —

  • There’s a first time for everything, but that doesn’t mean you have to go unprepared. Here are a few firsts that Securityplus can help you with.

  • So you’re ready to make one of the biggest commitments of your life? We’re experts at financing the big day expenses — and beyond.

  • No matter how much you plan, things can still go wrong. During times of unexpected hardship, Securityplus is still willing to help.

  • Whether a new baby or a new pet, a growing family means growing expenses. We can help you prepare for those changes in your budget.

  • Whether you're looking to vacation or you're relocating, Securityplus wants to make sure finances don't stand in your way.

  • You've spent most of your life preparing to retire. Securityplus can help ensure that you are financially equipped to do so comfortably.

We sponsored two local families this holiday season!

The holidays can be a joyous time for families everywhere, but for families experiencing financial difficulties, the holidays may feel like more of a burden than a celebration. Securityplus set out to make a positive difference to some of those families this season.

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If you live, work, worship, or go to school in the City of Baltimore; are employed by or retired from SSA or CMS; or are in the immediate family of an existing member, you are eligible to join Securityplus Federal Credit Union.
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