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The Nominating Committee of Securityplus Federal Credit Union is seeking members.

The Nominating Committee of Securityplus Federal Credit Union is seeking members who want to make a difference in their Credit Union by serving on the Board of Directors. We will select nominees for the next election from the pool of members who have submitted the Self-Nomination and Disclosure to Volunteers forms, and who demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Committee, good character, fiscal responsibility, a commitment to serve as a volunteer in the best interests of their fellow credit union members, and the willingness and ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. 

Nominees must be members in good standing with the Credit Union and be bondable by CUMIS. The Committee will determine a candidate’s suitability for nomination by reviewing the information submitted on the candidate’s Self-Nomination form, by reviewing the candidate’s credit report and Credit Union account history, and by interviewing the candidate. Nominees who do not complete the form in its entirety will not be considered.

All applications are due no later than Friday, November 17, 2017 
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We were named 'Corporate Citizen of the Year'!

Securityplus was named 'Corporate Citizen of the Year' by Strong City Baltimore.

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If you live, work, worship, or go to school in the City of Baltimore; are employed by or retired from SSA or CMS; or are in the immediate family of an existing member, you are eligible to join Securityplus Federal Credit Union.
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