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Let's all do our part to prevent or slow the spread of COVID-19.

Dear Valued Member,

This isn't your typical COVID-19 CEO update and has nothing to do with operations. This is more personal. I have neighbors who are Respiratory Clinical Specialists. It's been a while since I've seen them. In addition to a lengthy commute back and forth to work, the husband has been working 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week. They wear full protection gear, which he related to scuba gear. It's extremely hot and very uncomfortable. Even on his day off, I could see the red imprints of the mask he wears all day. He described his favorite workday moment which comes at the end of his shift - when he removes his gear and captures that first wonderful breath of clean, fresh air outside his hospital.   

As bad as things are, he knows it's going to get worse. Yet he and his wife, and countless other healthcare professionals all over the world, report to their jobs and give everything they have to save lives. They leave their beautiful children each day knowing it's likely a large percentage of them will contract the virus.

I needed to tell you this story because he sees the numbers doubling on a daily basis. He's tired, yet tireless. He understands the importance of social distancing. When we asked for his perspective on teenagers seeing friends, the word "please" pleadingly slipped out of his mouth. He tiredly shook his head and said, "Please not even in a parking lot". When I heard him speak those words, as if he was begging for relief from the world, I felt compelled to use the little reach I have to plead with you to follow the guidance of washing hands, practicing social distancing, and staying home. I'm certain I'm preaching to the choir for many, but it can't hurt. Beyond that, I ask that you have a heart to heart conversation with others who may not see the importance of these actions. Share the YouTube videos coming out of Italy and New York City. Share this story if you'd like. Do whatever it takes as many times as it takes to get more people to take action now.

As many of us struggle battling boredom, healthcare workers battle to save lives. Let's help these incredible people who have put their lives on hold, and on the line, for all of us. The sooner we do this, the sooner we will all take a breath of fresh air from a world that is starting to get back to the normal we used to know.                                                                                                      

CEO Brett Noll


  Brett Noll
  Chief Executive Officer

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