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Read about how long-standing member explains her experience with Securityplus.

Veronica J.Member Since 2007
happy member

"It was such a wonderful experience because many banks make you feel inferior...They're making an impact on the lives they serve at Securityplus."

I've been a member of Securityplus for over 10 years. The Credit Union’s customer service has improved over time and the staff has grown to a quality of excellence. No matter how cantankerous the elderly population gets, they are so gracious and kind to me. They know how to handle hard to please groups of people; they're respectable to them but do not feed into their negative attitudes. They gave me such a good feeling about being a member that I went out on a limb and encouraged a friend to join. I had that much confidence and faith that this was the Credit Union for her because of how kindly I was treated.

The employee I worked with was gracious and my friend felt at ease asking questions. She was patient, considerate, kind, and a great listener; she won us both over that day. At 57 years old, my friend had no bank account and no credit, but Securityplus made her feel comfortable and relieved that she could join the credit union and apply for a credit card to begin building credit.

It was such a wonderful experience because many banks make you feel inferior but the Credit Union team was very kind to us. They’re making an impact on the lives they serve at Securityplus.

The wonderful efforts they put forth make us comfortable enough to tell others about Securityplus, the Credit Union that Cares.

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If you live, work, worship, or go to school in the City of Baltimore; are employed by or retired from one of our Select Employee Groups (SEGs); or are in the immediate family of an existing member, you are eligible to join our credit union.


Securityplus Helps the Homeless
credit union staff at HopeFul

Securityplus participates in the HopeFul Market, a free market for the homeless.


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