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Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America at 9.9 million incidents per year. As a Securityplus member, you can take advantage of ID Protect Plus to protect yourself.

ID Protect Plus

To reduce your risk of becoming a victim, Securityplus offers ID Protect Plus to protect our members against identity theft. For just $6.99/month you will receive all the following features:

Internet Monitoring*

  • Continuous access to an online dashboard
  • "CyberScan” searches: an ongoing customized search of hundreds of thousands of identity elements available on the Internet’s black market to determine if any of the Protected Identity Elements are identified as compromised data.
  • Identity Theft Protection Tips (Preventive Measures): best-in-industry tips to protect individuals and businesses against the many forms of identity theft, as well as links to complementary theft prevention and education resources.
  • Identity Theft Risk Notification Services: provide timely email notifications of discovered activities and data suggesting that an identity theft event may have occurred.

Credit Bureau Monitoring*

  • Continuous access to an online dashboard
  • Credit Report Monitoring: provides alerts for any activity in the TransUnion® credit file that relate to member’s Identity.
  • Identity Theft Protection Tips (Preventive Measures)
  • Identity Theft Risk Notification Services

Secure Online Wallet & Vault

  • 24/7 access to password protected, encrypted secure information areas containing essential checking account and personal information you want to manage and protect: identification, contact info, credit cards, bank accounts; helps to eliminate paper trail and reduces risk of fraud and identity theft.
  • Digital organization and storage of important documents and information
  • Top level data security to prevent unauthorized access to stored files
  • 24/7 Customer access to stored items

ID Protect Plus also includes:

  • Certified Fraud Specialist and 24/7 Member Support
  • Personalized Online Dashboard
  • Monthly Activity Report & News
  • Preventative Measures and Education

Two Easy Ways to Enroll:** 

*Not included in ID Restoration Service
**You must have a Securityplus Checking Account in order to take advantage of ID Protect Plus.
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