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Securityplus offers two free checking account options for a hassle-free way to manage your finances.

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Easy Access to Your Checking Funds

Access your funds at thousands of convenient locations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our extensive nationwide surcharge-free ATM network. Find an ATM near you.

Contactless Visa debit card

Convenient & Safe Purchasing Power

Tap your contactless Visa debit card for fast, secure and touchless payments at participating merchants. Look for the contactless symbol on the payment terminal.

It's safer and more convenient than using cash, and each contactless transaction is encrypted with its own unique code to protect your payment information. Since it's touchless, there's no need to enter your pin numbers. As needed, you can swipe or dip your card to use the EMV chip.

Added Security of Real-Time Alerts

Keep track of your Visa card usage and help avoid possible fraudulent activity when you enroll your Visa debit card in free Visa Alerts. With this service you will receive real time alerts via text or email whenever your Visa card is used to make a purchase. Enroll in Visa Alerts.

 Pay by Digital Payment App with Securityplus Visa Credit and Debit Cards

Take advantage of these convenient digital payment apps to make secure purchases right from your smartphone.

Out of Area Protection

As a protective measure for our members, suspicious transactions may be blocked. This includes use of your card in places that are not ordinary for you, such as other parts of the country or overseas.

let us know your travel plans

Notify us of your travel plans to reduce the risk of your card being rejected while away. Submit a Travel Authorization Request via Digital Banking using ''Message Center." You may also print and complete a PDF Travel Authorization RequestOpens in New Window and return it to any branch or fax it to 410-281-6273.

Countries/States Blocked from Processing Visa Transactions

As a fraud prevention measure, the following countries and states are currently "blocked" from processing transactions with Securityplus Visa Credit and Debit Cards. If you plan to travel to certain blocked locations, a temporary exclusion may be made when submitting your Travel Authorization Request.

Visa Credit Card Blocked
Visa Debit Card Blocked
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
UK/Great Britain
(England, Wales, Scotland & North Ireland)
Visa Credit Card Blocked
Visa Debit Card Blocked

The U.S. Government has placed sanctions on the following countries. Your VISA Credit and Debit cards cannot be used in these countries:

Cote d''Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
North Korea

Savings Overdraft Service

Savings Overdraft Service attempts to cover Checking Account overdrafts on checks, purchases and ACH payments by transferring funds from your selected Savings Account or Personal Line of Credit. There is a $1 per transfer fee for this service.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay adds $500 of pre-approved coverage to your Checking Account to cover checks and ACH payments. Your account may be assessed a Courtesy Pay charge of $30 for each item paid against your overdrawn account. Members in good standing are automatically opted-in for this service with no additional authorization needed. You may choose to opt-out at any time.

Premium Overdraft Protection

In addition to Courtesy Pay, Securityplus offers Premium Overdraft Protection to provide $500 in coverage for Visa Debit Card purchases and ATM transactions. Your account may be assessed a Premium Overdraft charge of $30 per item paid against your overdrawn account. You must opt-in to receive this coverage and you may opt-out at any time.

take advantage of Overdraft protection:

  • Call 410-281-6200 or 1-866-4SECPLUS to request a form; or
  • Visit the nearest branch

If you opt-in for Overdraft Protection but never use this service, there is no charge to you. You withhold the right to revoke or change your election at any time.

*Revive Checking is not eligible for Courtesy Pay or Premium Overdraft Protection.
**We may charge a $30.00 fee each time you pay an overdraft. There is no limit on the total fees we can charge you for overdrawing your account. We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize or pay any type of transaction. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.

Enjoy the Convenience of Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is free and convenient. To enroll, you must first verify that your payment issuer participates in Direct Deposit. When submitting your request, provide them with the following information:


Name of the Financial Institution: Securityplus Federal Credit Union
Routing Number: 252076714


If you're signing up for Direct Deposit into a new account, you must make an initial deposit of at least $5.00 with your new account application.

Once you have established Direct Deposit, you may log in to Digital Banking to sign up for Payroll Deductions and define how your deposit should be allocated across your accounts and loan payments.

Set Up Direct Deposit Conveniently from your Mobile App

Youth Checking Account

Gain additional financial independence by opening a Youth Checking Account. Learn about money management and budgeting, as well as how to use digital banking tools and make deposits, use an ATM, and a debit card.

Youth Checking Accounts are available for teens ages 14-17, and requires a parent or guardian 18 years old or older as a joint owner of the account.

  • Free, no interest checking account with no monthly maintenance fees
  • No minimum deposit or balance is required
  • Includes a Visa debit card
  • Manage account with digital banking and free SPCU mobile app
  • Access to more than 55,000+ surcharge-free ATMs

Requirements & Exclusions

  • Must enroll in eStatements
  • No paper checks
  • Not eligible for premium overdraft protection or courtesy pay
  • $250 daily limit on debit card withdrawals and purchases
  • No Mobile or ATM deposits
To open a Youth Checking Account, please visit a branch.

At account opening, two forms of identification are required for the youth, including a photo ID. Acceptable identification forms include a state issued photo ID, passport, birth certificate, social security card or green card.

Checking Rates
Effective Apr 20, 2024
Description Dividend APY* Min Open Deposit
Revive Checking 0.00% 0.00% $25
Cash Back Checking 0.00% 0.00% $0
Xceptional Checking 2.96% 3.00%* $0
*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. For Xceptional Checking, dividends are calculated using the daily balance method which applies a daily periodic rate to the principal each day. Members who meet the monthly requirements will receive an APY of 0.70% on balances over $10,000. Members who do not meet the monthly requirements to receive the 3% APY will receive an APY of 0.05% on their checking account balance. Rates subject to change. Debit card purchases for Xceptional Checking and Cash Back Checking must have been posted prior to the last day of the month to count towards the 15 purchase minimum for that particular month, purchases made but still pending are not counted. 

Keshawna F.Northwest Plaza Branch
great employee

"Knowledgable, courteous, professional."

"Keshawna was very welcoming and explained everything to me. I would definitely work with her again at the Credit Union. It's really nice to work with someone who enjoys what they do.”

— Tenia B., Securityplus Member

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