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Our personal loan options make it easy for you to get the money you need at a competitive rate, with a simple application process that can be completed conveniently online.

Do you know how much your signature is worth? Whether it's for a one-time purchase, unexpected expense or a line of credit just in case, your signature is all you need. It can even help you build your credit.

Signature Loan

  • Fixed rate and term
  • May be used for a variety of purposes with terms up to 60 months
  • Use the automatic repayment method to repay your loan and qualify for an added 0.25% APR* discount

Personal Line of Credit

  • Competitive variable rate
  • Maximum credit available is dependent upon your income and expenses
  • Only pay interest on the amount you use

Share Secured Loan

With this loan, you can borrow money using the funds in your share savings account as collateral and enjoy low rates and great terms.

  • Designed to use your Share Account as collateral
  • The best interest rate opportunity available
  • Variable rate (adjusts when base share rate changes)

Credit Builder Loan

Whether you have limited credit history or had credit problems in the past, this loan is designed to help! A Credit Builder Loan is a great way to build or reestablish credit with a rate much lower than other financial institutions.

  • $500 - $3,500 loan amounts
  • 6 - 36 month terms
  • Competitive variable rate

Loan proceeds are placed on hold in your Share Savings Account†† instead of receiving the funds up front. Monthly payments are made toward the loan amount for a period you choose (6-36 months).

Once payments have been made in full, the money is yours, and is available to withdraw and use as you please!

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for a Credit Builder Loan is 3.00% above the dividend rate paid on a Share Savings account.
The rate floor is 3.00%.
The APR on existing balances will change on the first day of each month to reflect any changes in the rate being paid on dividends. Any increase will result in additional payments of the same amount.
††The funds will be visible on your account statements, but you will not be able to access the funds until the loan is paid in full.

What Our Members Say

"I am so glad that you offer help to those with less than stellar credit." —Nicole W.

Quick Cash Loan†

If you face an unexpected expense, need extra cash or are short of funds between paydays, a Quick Cash Loan can help.

  • Borrow up to $500; if you've successfully paid off a Quick Cash Loan in the past, you can borrow up to $1,000
  • 6-month term
  • Fixed Rate
  • No credit check required
  • $20.00 non-refundable fee, per application

You will be required to present copies of your two (2) most recent pay-stubs at the time of application.

What Our Members Say

"All of my experiences with Securityplus have been positive. I've applied for the quick cash loan, which I love, in addition to the holiday loan. Your representatives have been great!" —Cindy G.

†Must be a member of Securityplus for at least six (6) months prior to submitting a Quick Cash loan application. Quick Cash loan will not be approved if the monthly payment exceeds 20% of the member’s net pay for a given pay period. All loans will have a term of six (6) months. All loans will have an Annual Percentage Rate of 28.00%. If any Quick Cash loan becomes more than 29 days delinquent, the borrower will not eligible to apply for Quick Cash loans in the future. Approved members must have a minimum two (2) years of employment history to qualify for the program and must be employed with their current employer for a minimum of 180 days, prior to the loan application. Quick Cash loans are granted to individual borrowers only. Members may apply for an additional Quick Cash loan once the current loan is paid in full. Members will not be able to receive more than three (3) Quick Cash loans within any 6 month rolling period.In order to be eligible to receive a Quick Cash Loan for $1,000, you must meet the following prerequisites:
  • Must be a member in good standing at the time of application.
  • Must have successfully paid off a $500 Quick Cash loan in full.
  • Must not have received a Quick Cash loan within the previous 60 days.
Personal Loan Rates
Effective Jul 17, 2024
Description Term APR* as low as
Personal Loan 12 to 36 mo 9.74%**
Personal Loan 37 to 60 mo 10.24%**
Personal Line of Credit Revolving 15.25%***
Quick Cash - $500 or $1,000 6 mo 28.00%
Credit Builder Loan 6 - 36 mo 3.00% above index
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Subject to creditworthiness.
**Rate shown reflects a 0.25% discount for automatic loan repayment.
***Personal Line of Credit has a floor rate of 5.00%. Eligible for a 0.25 basis points discount for autopay (The Rate will never go below 5.00%). Subject to creditworthiness.
The APR for a Credit Builder Loan is 3.00% above the dividend rate paid on a Share Savings Account. Rate is not based on creditworthiness. Not eligible for autopay discount.

Secured Loan Rates
Effective Jul 17, 2024
Description Term APR* as low as
Share-Secured Loan 6-96 mo 3.00% above index
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The APR for the Share-Secured Loan IS NOT subject to credit worthiness.
The APR for a Share Secured Loan is based on an index of 3.00% above the Share Dividend Rate with a floor of 4.00% (The Rate will never go below 4.00%). Rate is not based on creditworthiness. Not eligible for autopay discount.

Hima K.Northwest Plaza Branch
great employee

"Excellent Service!"

"Hima has assisted me with three loans from Securityplus. She is always very efficient, professional and has provided me with excellent service each time.”

— Christopher B., Securityplus Member

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Reduce Your Rate by .25%

Set up automatic payments from your Securityplus Checking Account and get a .25% APR* discount on your loan! You can also setup payments from another financial institution by submitting an ACH Authorization FormOpens in New Window — that will earn you a .25% rate discount as well.


When you need a little extra cash, you can skip up to two non-consecutive monthly payments within a 12-month period on qualifying Credit Union loans.† (Excludes Personal Lines of Credit.) To qualify, your loan must be open for at least three months, and all your Credit Union accounts must be in good standing.Find out more.

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